Thursday, October 21, 2010's Thursday

Someone on my twitter feed asked if I had a blog.  The answer was yes but I never blog, though I feel like I have so many useless things to say.
After the last big change in my life, a la bringing a newborn in to my home, I fully intended to connect with others using my words, but heck if I can find the time.
So I thought..oh I could start off easy with pictures cause its "Wordless Wednesday". 

My son Jake, dog Max and Me!
Myself and Baby

Imagine my surprise when I sat down that it was no longer Wednesday but somewhere I had moved on to Thursday and I'm now pushing Friday..Where did the time go?  Why does time speed up the older you get? 
Well, I have a baby on my lap, my Chai tea is cold and if I'm going to get any sleep tonight I'd better get my face washed.  Tomorrow is another day!

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