Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday's Query

I have been neglecting my blog for a year now.  I think about sitting down and writing but having two 18 month olds and working and being mom takes its toll.  I have had a query on my mind and felt this would be a good post to get the ball rolling..also the Littles are both sleeping early for once!

Quakers like Queries...(Queries are kind of like Koans..something to meditate upon and see if way opens.)

I have been focusing on this particular query lately;

How do I honor that of God (or light) in my children?  And to take it a little further into my realm as a foster parent...How do I honor that of God (or light) in my children's parents?

While sitting in silence contemplating the query I began to realize that by honoring that of God in my children I really needed to honor that of God in their parents. 

A lot of times as a foster parent you are told about horrendous things that happen to your children before they came to live with you.  It is hard to see that of God (or light) in others when we are blinded by anger and fear and harsh judgements.  But to honor my children I have to take of my blinders because when the blinders come off we see the cracks and "its the cracks in our perfection that lets our light shine through"

Trying to find the good in a child's biological parent helps to build a relationship between the child and the foster parent, as well as helping the biological parent have more self worth.  An individual with more self worth will hopefully become a better parent and start to work on his/her path back to reunification with my children.

Putting my family aside I would ask you...

How do you honor that of God (or light) in your child/ren?


  1. What a wonderful, thought provoking post! I admire your strength in fostering, I can only imagine the trials you may be going through. My late granny took in many kids and until her last days, they all came back to visit her, decades after!

  2. Thank you Azlin for your comment. I hope that just affecting one live can change many others.