Thursday, March 20, 2014

Starting to Blog Again-New Direction

So I haven't really  blogged since my son died in February of 2012.

My life had a lot of twists and changes since then...

I adopted my daughter!

Got kissed by a baby wolf!

I went to Ecuador and participated in a Spay Day!  We fixed over 34 dogs and cats as well as brought about $10,000 worth of donated supplies.

I got to see Blue Footed Boobies at Isla de la Plata

I learned how to dress appropriately for outdoor winter activities and learned how to love snow and winter!

Worked on the Veterinary Team for the UP200 Dog Sled Races!

I got a new job and was elected Faculty of the Year!

It's the new job and the fun things I get to do that I plan showcasing on the blog now.  I still plan on talking about my life and the fun things I get to do, but there are a bunch of things I'm having fun with right now that I want to talk about...

Augmented Reality

Flipped Classrooms

Applied Learning Activities

iPads in the Classroom

Different teaching modalities

I know kind of boring for those not into teaching and technology...kind of cool for those that are!  Stick around and see the great things new technology has to offer!

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