Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love Beyond the World

The other night I was reading William Penn’s Fruits of Solitudes (kind of geeky I know).  He can be described as a Quaker Ben Franklin.  The book is his thoughts on a variety of different subjects and his experiences.  I was reading the book because I was looking for some 17th century wisdom regarding death of children and how to go on with your life. 

I came across this section in his chapter Union of Friends.

They that love beyond the World, cannot be separated by it.  Death cannot kill, what never dies.

I take some solace in these two lines of wisdom.  I know that I loved Jake beyond the world. 

When Jake was little we used to play this game…I’d say “I love you more then the leaves on the trees,” and his reply was “I love you more then the sand in the sea” then I’d say I love you more then all the moons and the stars.”  And his answer was “I love you to infinity, and I win because there is nothing more then infinity”  To which I’d reply “Not possible because I love you more.”

Over the years we got out of the love you more game…though we still did a short version into his teenage years.  I think he thought it was silly but I was hoping that one day he would carry on the game with his own children.  

I sat down to read with the Littles to read and Guess How Much I Love You was one of the books that they chose.  I could barely get through it, tears streaming down my face as I remembered the game that Jake and I shared to show that my love was beyond the World.  


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