Sunday, November 28, 2010

Givin' Sugar Sundays

Well, this long weekend flew by..

Today I got the shopping done that I needed to do yesterday..I finally have some clothes that fit to start off the work week right!  I've been busy all night cleaning house, doing laundry, and getting my day set up for tomorrow, I'm planning on it being a good day since its my birthday!

Here are two blogs that I enjoy and maybe you will too!

This blog is frackin' hilarious The Manwife Chronicles David is also good for a laugh on twitter and the occasional UStream..I recently spent Friday evening with him and about 10 other people..we discussed decorating, drinking, and falling down.

Another blogger I like is the Reluctant Vegetarian, actually I started off kind of pissed at her cause she has the name I wanted for my I am a reluctant vegetarian..I'd rather be off eating a thick juice rib-eye then this low protein crap I'm stuck with oh and then I wouldn't have to figure out something to eat every other day at my house!

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