Thursday, November 18, 2010

Topic of the Day: MEN!

I want to talk about seems to be the topic today..Whitney over at Not Merely a Momma talked about her husbands feet and Tiffany (@MomNom) blogged at Scary Mommy about neutering her husband.  I want to talk about how frustrating men can be sometimes...

They fart, belch, leave their dirty socks all over the house, and never put the toilet seat down.  They scratch their privates and pick their butts..and when you bend over to pick something up they butt check you!  (Butt checking is..when they thrust their pelvis into your tush I hate that!!)  I can barely tolerate those things, but I think its programmed in to their DNA so what else can you expect..what I can't tolerate is when grandpa does things just to annoy me.

Like when the LO is sleeping, he comes in and makes loud noises seemingly wanting to wake her up.  I just want to slap him upside the head...I am terrified that she'll wake up and then I'll have to spend hours getting her back to sleep..I threaten him with death if he wakes her but he just smiles and acts like its no big deal.

The other thing he does that pisses me off (I can get pissy pretty easily) is when he brings me the LO with a poopy diaper.  He just smiles and leaves her in my lap..I'm mean jeez..its just a dirty diaper..clean the damn thing.  Poor baby having to wait for me to do it!  I have been half tempted to leave a dirty diaper in his car, just to prove the point..don't mess with the GiGi!


  1. LMFAO @ the Butt Check!!! My husband does that EVERYTIME I bend over... It drive me crazy! He also does it if I am doing something & cannot fight back. Boys... I have a whole freaking house full HAH!

  2. Aww but he wears her! That always erasing some nasty man habits. Lol!


  3. Jennie, that is the only time I've gotten him to wear her..but I did just buy a ring sling from Babyette so I'm hoping he'll be more apt to put her on!

  4. i found myself here by the #nablopomo hashtag in twitter. i was just complaining about how gross boys are today with my friend. Yesterday I learned a popular boy prank is to shake each other at urinals while they're urinating! My boyfriend told me about this giggling. He's 26. Gah.

    Love the picture of your hubby with your baby. So cute.

    I am doing Nablopomo too :)
    - Linda (