Monday, November 15, 2010

Givin' Sugar to Some Blogs

As you know, I just started blogging..I always wondered what I should do to be a good blogger and I came across Blogging For Dummies by @mommywantsvodka. I love her irreverance..anyone that can tell the hospital staff that someone in her room was going to be moving and get someone moved out..well she's someone I'm willing to listen too!

Then, in a cool of my fellow bloggers Jennifer at Making a Home and Family lives just up north of me..which is totally cool..and since my job has me traveling all over the state, we made a date last week and met for coffee at a cool little restaurant.

Another twitter friend Whitney started me off on this blogging journey, and she has decided to try her at blogging too..Give her some sugar and visit her new blog Not Merely A Momma

Nolie over at Nolie's Place just put up a review of Take Flight Boutique over at Esty.  So this is what I want for my birthday..

I Love You to the Moon and Back Hand Stamped Necklace - Sterling Silver Disc
And this..
Keep Calm and Carry On Eco Tote - Eye Chart - Vintage Crown

So if anyone would like to get these for me..or maybe drop a hint to Grandpa..I'm sure he's looking for suggestions..I'd appreciate it!


  1. Aw... You are such a doll. Thank you so much for the blog love. I will be returning the favor mama!

  2. Some great products over there. How do I find Grandpa to hint at him?

  3. Nolie..unfortunately grandpa isn't on twitter, nor is he on my FB page, but some of my FB friends are his FB friends so I was hoping that they'd send him the hints!

  4. Thanks for the love! It was great meeting you!