Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Chaos!

So once again its 30 minutes till the Sunday and I haven't even started on the blog.

I had a great morning with the little one this morning only to have the afternoon turn into a screamy plans of doing some shopping for myself didn't work out.  Every time I put her down to sleep so I could get ready to go, just ended with screaming and upset...I did get a bit testy with her and DS..We finally got out around 2pm and I got a chance to buy two Daily Tea outfits for her.  I know Daily Tea is expensive, but I love their line.  They are feminine yet don't overwhelm you in the pinkness that baby girls tend to get stuck with.  I needed to pick up some new pants for myself as I have lost to much weight to continue wearing my old pants but I didn't get a chance to get to Kohl's. 

We had Thanksgiving dinner with family tonight, which was great.  Its always nice to get together with family and talk and eat great food.  My son went with us and I can honestly say I think he actually had a good time.  He ate a lot, almost seemed like I never feed the boy!  Everyone loved the LO's sling and thought that babywearing was neat.  Of course there wasn't much babywearing as everyone wanted a chance to hold her!

I just got little one off to sleep and I would like to get some rest because tomorrow is grandma visit day which really just drags on me..

Goodnight all!

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